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Support the local climate

Added: 13.06.2016
Do join this South-Bohemian campain! Contribute to the sustainability of the local climate


If we don´t do anything to maintain a good climate, we will probably soon be living in a desert. Therefore, each of us should somehow contribute to the sustainability of the local climate, for example by:

  • replacing a concreted or decked area with grass or flower beds
  • planting shrubs or trees
  • organising the collection of organic waste to put in a composter
  • acquiring a rainwater tank or installing a domestic root zone wastewater treatment unit
  • establishing wetlands, a seepage ditch or a pond
  • insulate insulating their house, replace replacing windows
  • replacing a flat roof with a green roof
  • fitting photovoltaic panels to the roof of the house to produce electricity
  • using renewable sources of heat, particularly from the sun, earth and air, etc.

You can learn more about this campaign, its context and current events on

Tell us about the projects you have implemented locally in 2016, no matter how small, by registering them on this website via e-mail Tell us who implemented the project, where and when - photos welcomed.

In September, the Green Party regional management will select the most appropriate completed projects, and recommend them for further follow up.

The three best projects will receive a set of garden tools, the absolute winner will also get free admission to any event held in 2016 in the Anastasia Garden in Rudolfov.

The expert sponsor for this event is Ing.arch. Stanislav Kovář, CSc., specialist for the Ministry of the Environment, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, and the Ministry of Regional Development.