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ID: #EN00018
Added: 19.10.2016

Technical name: multifunction window

Author: A-SPEKTRUM s.r.o.


Especially low-energy houses with a low thermal loss lack suitable facilities of alternative…
Especially low-energy houses with a low thermal loss lack suitable facilities of alternative sources that would react to weather changes.
The multifunction window WENT is an industrial product, that concentred elements of heating, recuperation of air and lightning in one assembly unit and in a controlled cooperation of these parts. Energy is used more perfectly in the whole intermediate space of the window and the energy emitted is used further, too. The facility does not overheat and freeze because its function is based on a number of various regimes. A suitable solution of integration, decentralisation, accumulation and regulation of the windows WENT can save up to 2/3 of energy required for the operation of a one-family house.
Air enters rooms through the intermediate space of the window, where it is pre-heated and where the pressure is equalised according to the outside wind, thus preventing the unpleasant draught. The ventilation controlled by intelligent windows does not assume the user’s active participation. The windows “think” for the user, and carry out its ventilating function independently.
The intelligent multifunction windows can be used both in new constructions and in reconstructions, as well as when doing thermal insulation of buildings, in a standard house (connection to electricity and water mains), or in a building without supply mains (weekend cottages, pavilions, garages, studios, ecological houses). The complete window is installed by a crane or from a platform. The windows can be associated in a row. The building is thus not excessively covered with wires and pipes, the demands on the labour and breakdown rate on the construction site are lowered. The solution is completely variable and universal, can be repeated and is suitable for serial production.
Project objectives: proposal of a change of the philosophy and testing its efficiency in terms of power economy in buildings.
Expected effect of the project - business development, new job opportunities, research in new technologies, power economy, decreasing the amount of emissions into the atmosphere.

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Key words:
window, heating, climate, accumulation, smart

Patent or utility model number:

Level of completion:
3. Copyright

Scope of impact:
5. Global commercial use

Degree of efficiency:
5. Large, major impact on savings

Designed for:
4. For large manufacturers

Estimated price range of the product (in CZK):
5. More than ten thousands of crowns or thousands of euros

Offered share of development - manufacturing:
3. Up to 50%

Significance of the idea:

Discussion of the idea:

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