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ID: #EN00010
Added: 27.09.2016

Technical name: multipurpose electric hat



The invention relates to a new design for a cap, hat or helmet, which can be used for various…
The invention relates to a new design for a cap, hat or helmet, which can be used for various purposes, especially connected with electronic equipment.
With the application of new technologies in materials, construction and electronics it is now possible to find many new uses for hats.

The task is to construct a cap that can be used in different situations and for different activities, particularly in conjunction with a mobile phone.
The hat can help us to survive in various difficult situations we can get into.

The advantages of the new solution lie in the flexibility of the hat, which enables a multi- functional use. We can put it on our head, on the desk, into the car.

The hat is reinforced so as to protect the head from impact and yet it is not heavy.

The upper surface is more or less horizontal, with hinged or sliding PVE panels to capture the maximum amount of sunlight.
The hat itself, or just the panels, can be angled differently by hand whilst walking.

Electric power is stored in batteries, which are mounted on the perimeter of the hat, on the headband, in its crown, or separately.
The electric energy is used to power LED lights - white light in front, red flashing at the back.
The white light can also be removed to light up other areas.
Also a mobile phone, a voice recorder, GPS or MP3 player can all be charged by cable.
At the sides of the hat there are moveable headphones, at the front there is moveable microphone.
On the sunvisor there is an adjustable transparent eye shield, and also a solar filter.
An emblem, badge or drawing can be placed above the visor.

The hat can have two fans for ventilation to prevent the head from sweating, or a heating pad in the winter.
At the bottom of the hat there is a pouch for money and documents.
The hat has an adjustable chinstrap so that it cannot fall off the head even during riding.

The upper surface of the hat can be shaped into a funnel , to which you can attach a hose to drain rainwater into a container or directly onto the ground (so that it does not drip onto your shoulders or neck).
The collected rainwater can even be drunk.

The hat can be a good tool for group leaders or guides: it can have small built-in speakers through which one can broadcast speech or music.
The original appearance of the hat or its light effects will be visible from a distance like a beacon.
A mini camera on the top of the hat can take pictures (front and back) and project them onto the visor.

The hat can be connected to a mobile phone, even wirelessly over a longer distance.
Then you can also trace either device by a sound signal (good in the case of theft, loss, etc.).

After taking the hat off it can serve as a small table or stool.
We can hang it on our chest or back on a loop.
The hat can be useful whilst walking in the dark - it lights our way, but it also emits warning flashes to give notice of the presence of a pedestrian or cyclist.

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Key words:
hat, cap, mobile phone, light, energy

Patent or utility model number:
Patent or utility model number: not yet applied for

Level of completion:
1. Idea

Scope of impact:
2. Improvements for a particular product

Degree of efficiency:
3. Low impact on savings

Designed for:
3. For inventors

Estimated price range of the product (in CZK):
2. Hundreds of crowns, tens of euros

Offered share of development - manufacturing:
4. Up to 70%

Significance of the idea:

Discussion of the idea:

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