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ID: #EN00013
Added: 27.09.2016

Technical name: multipurpose stick with hat

Author: Šťastný Petr


Triple combination - electronic stick, belt and hat. A modern day version of the Bohemian Crown…
Triple combination - electronic stick, belt and hat. A modern day version of the Bohemian Crown Jewels – the sceptre, the apple, and the crown A good product to increase self-sufficiency, joy, confidence, and involvement
Each of the components works either on its own, or they can be joined by either a wireless or wired connection.a) Stick : defence, smartphone, flash drive, hook, telescope b) Belt: pouch for carrying water, batteries, ID cards, and money c) Hat: PV charging, eyes and ears, ventilation and shade, rain catcher, light.

The stick can be hooked onto the belt or vice versa; you can wear the hat slung on your back or hang it on the stick. The entire multi-purpose tool can be put in the car and you can take it with you on your excursions. It is particularly suitable for long hiking trips - it recharges itself and tracks its actual location.
Security is ensured - if any one of the things becomes separated from the others by a distance of more than 20 m, it starts beeping and flashing.
An innovation ideal for a new generation of users (men and women alike). Also suitable for users with special needs - pensioners, the disabled, the lost, the weak, and the ill.
The idea is based on constructing a tool for personal use, which can be used in conjunction with a mobile phone in different situations and during different activities, particularly when travelling. As a result, it can help one to survive in any of the variety of difficult situations in which we may find ourselves.
The advantages of this new solution lie in the flexible adaptibility of the device, which allows multifunctional use. We can connect it in different ways, set it on our desk, place it in our car, keep it next to our bed ...
The ability to link it with a smart phone makes it possible to use a wide range of electronic equipment, including GPS, notebook, camera, recorder, player, etc., without the risk of losing it or running out of battery power.
Another important benefit is that the damaging radiation emitted by every mobile phone is not near the head or heart.

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Key words:
stick, mobile phone, hat, belt, safety, self-sufficiency

Patent or utility model number:
not yet applied for

Level of completion:
2. Project in development

Scope of impact:
3. A new product or technology

Degree of efficiency:
3. Low impact on savings

Designed for:
2. For technicians

Estimated price range of the product (in CZK):
2. Hundreds of crowns, tens of euros

Offered share of development - manufacturing:
3. Up to 50%

Significance of the idea:

Discussion of the idea:

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