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ID: #EN00019
Added: 06.12.2016

Technical name: decorative masonry elements

Author: Šťastný Petr


Up to date precision brickwork using blocks of different type (silicate, ceramic, calcium…

Up to date precision brickwork using blocks of different type (silicate, ceramic, calcium silicate, diatomaceous earth etc.). does not lead to the creation of atypical masonry elements and shapes, both indoors and outdoors.
This problem is solved by type concrete block, which are made of a masonry, that is 250/250/125 mm, which may be straight walled, without having to use transoms. Most blocks are 500/500/250 mm (200 mm thick + 50 mm insulation). 200 mm + 50 mm tepelná izolace). Concrete is poured into molds and vibrated, it is also possible to use white cement.
In the main these are various little windows, niches, shelves, pedestals, boxes, bowls and lights. There is no need to rely on a creative designer or a skilled mason, just choose from many types in the catalogue.

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Key words:
niche, element, decoration, alcove, shelves

Patent or utility model number:
in preparation

Level of completion:
4. Prototype

Scope of impact:
4. Commercial use for public

Degree of efficiency:
3. Low impact on savings

Designed for:
4. For large manufacturers

Estimated price range of the product (in CZK):
3. Thousands of crowns, hundreds of euros

Offered share of development - manufacturing:

Significance of the idea:

Discussion of the idea:

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