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ID: #EN00011
Added: 27.09.2016

Technical name: ecological solar mower

Author: Stanislav Kovář


This is a new type of mower, suitable for ecological maintenance of larger gardens and those…

This is a new type of mower, suitable for ecological maintenance of larger gardens and those with varied terrains.
This cordless solar mower is designed primarily for use in our larger gardens – the garden can also be at a slope of up to 25°, small areas up to 40°.

The mower consists of a basic component and the cutting component. The two are connected by a cable or hose - the radius of the cutting range of the cutting component is up to 5 m.
Another equipment attachment is a solar PV battery charger (the surface of the panels is about 4 sq.metres).

The advantages and benefits of our new type of mower:

- When operating the mower you are sitting, you can listen to music, make phone calls, and the like.

- The driver is protected from the weather, especially the sun, wind and pollen.

- You can even operate the mower wearing street clothes.

- Renewable solar energy is used to the greatest extent possible.

- The machine has no electrical flex (no risk of electric shock).

- The machine produces no vibrations or noise (the performance is very quiet).

The machine produces no harmful emissions.

- Energy savings and less wear-and-tear by eliminating unnecessary toing and froing

- The cut grass is ready for removal (bagging)

- Attachments can be added to the machine - scarifier, cultivator, leaf collector, wagon, etc. in order to supplement the equipment.

- The mower is foldable and mobile, and can therefore be easily stored for the winter under cover and under lock and key.

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Key words:
mower, photovoltaics, solar, vehicle

Patent or utility model number:
in preparation

Level of completion:
1. Idea

Scope of impact:
4. Commercial use for public

Degree of efficiency:
4. Relatively large impact on savings

Designed for:
4. For large manufacturers

Estimated price range of the product (in CZK):
4. Ten thousands of crowns, thousands of euros

Offered share of development - manufacturing:
4. Up to 70%

Significance of the idea:

Discussion of the idea:

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